• Trickfit Dog Trick Classes

    Fitness, conditioning, obedience and focus are fun and games.

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  • Trickfit Trick Dog Classes

    • Do you want a smarter dog that always listens?
    • Would you like to get your hyperactive dog tired out, mentally and physically in just 30 minutes per day (without even leaving the house!)?
    • Does your pooch have a little pudge? 
    • Do you want your dog to perform faster, higher, better in dog sports?
    • Do you want to reduce your dog's risk of activity related injury?

    We are happy to introduce Trickfit dog and puppy training classes.  This 4 class course is specially developed to quickly get your dog into amazing form, physically, mentally and behaviourally while you both have alot of fun.  

    • No prerequisites
    • Better behaviour
    • Stronger core muscles
    • Overall Fitness and coordination
    • Increased confidence
    • Reduction of injury risk in other sports
    • Focus building, interactive mental stimulation 
    • Low impact physical workout benefits all dogs and puppies
    • 25 fun new tricks chosen for exercise and conditioning benefits
    • Scientifically developed program
    • Canine kinesiologist approved exercises  
    • Can be done everywhere and anywhere
    • Owners develop amazing training skills
    • Fun!