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    Our Trainer is certified by world reknowned  Trick Dog performer and instructor, Kyra Sundance of Do More With Your Dog!®.  Lynne Fedorick can teach you the secrets professional performance and trick dog trainers use, to have your dog performing any trick reliably every time.  These skills will make you a better trainer while you have fun creating a lifetime bond with your dog. 
    “It’s more than a training program… it’s a lifestyle.”

    “Do More With Your Dog!” is the motto of founder Kyra Sundance. Whether through sport, tricks, or companionship, she encourages integrating your dog into more areas of your life. Dogs have a way of making the activities we share with them more fun, and by giving them training, we allow them to participate in more areas of our life.  When we involve our dogs in our lives, they become well behaved in every situation.   Whether you chose to earn Trick Dog Titles, to learn service dog skills, or you want to learn exercises and techniques that will help your canine athelete or show dog develop greater speed, endurance, flexibility, trick work can really enhance the bond between you and your dog and develop your skills as a trainer.  Come join the fun!

     When Kyra Sundance founded Do More With Your Dog!®, it was originally a dog training curriculum program which focused on teaching tricks in a step-by-step method utilizing positive reinforcement techniques. This curriculum was so popular amongst trainers, that Kyra wrote a book based on these techniques. 101 Dog Tricks became an international bestseller, and has been translated into 15 languages. Kyra followed with many more books and DVDs which expanded upon the original Do More With Your Dog!® curriculum.

    With the fast growing interest in dog tricks and positive training techniques, Kyra recognized the need to have a certification program which vetted instructors. Do More With Your Dog!® now has several arms:

    • Trick Dog titling program
    • Trick Dog Instructor certification and referral program
    • Seminar series

    Do More With Your Dog!® is the official sanctioning and organizing body for the sport of Dog Tricks.

    What is a CTDI?

    Do More With Your Dog!®, as the official sanctioning and organizing body for the sport of Dog Tricks, has established guidelines for instructor certification in order to ensure that standards of excellence are met when teaching the sport.

    Certified Trick Dog Instructors may use the acronym CTDI after their name to indicate they have demonstrated the knowledge and hands-on training techniques applicable to this sport.

    Lynne and Earl perform at the Black Creek Fall Fair

    Lynne Fedorick is a Certified Trick Dog Instructor who is also Team Captain of The Go Dog Go! All Stars Trick Dog Team

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