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    More about the Trick Dogging Sport


    Trick training has been around for as long as people and dogs have been hanging out together. Dogs love it and people do too! These days, trick dog classes have become the latest trend in dog sports. Enthusiasts teach their dogs everything from shake a paw to walking on front paws. Kyra Sundance (and the popular Do More With Your Dog Trick Dog Title Sanctioning body) have been ringleaders in building the sport’s popularity. Kyra has written a whole host of fun, easy to read guidebooks on teaching your dog everything from a basic sit to more advanced tricks like closing doors and fetching mail from a mailbox.

    1. Trick training a super fun way to engage and bond with your dog. Trick training is rewarding for both dog and handler, and makes dogs want to learn and people want to keep teaching them.
    2. Trick Dog Training uses an all positive (force free) style of training is easy for people to master and for dogs to understand. This produces remarkably fast results so that handlers are more apt to spend a minimum of 20 minutes per day training a canine partner who thoroughly enjoys learning.
    3. Since having a team is optional in trick work, there is no commitment to anyone but your dog.
    4. You can learn and practice tricks anytime, anywhere.
    5. Tricks and stunt work are undoubtably cool. A dog that happily brings cold beverages to guests is a welcome member of any social gathering.
    6. Trick training is inexpensive. Pick up Kyra Sundance’s amazing book, 101 Dog Tricks or Take a 7 class course with a Certified Trick Dog Instructor and you will be well on your way to teaching your dog any behaviour you want (well, within reason, of course).
    7. Your dog can earn Intermediate, Expert, and Champion Trick Dog Titles and enter trick exhibitions and competitions, or you can just do it for fun, and your dog’s fitness and mental stimulation.
    8. Trick Dog exercises are a good low stress workout for your dog. Physically demanding, low impact exercises like pedestal work help to wear off a surprising amount of doggy energy. These exercises also develop and stretch core muscles in the abdomen and back, and this helps to prevent injuries when your dog is out just being a dog.
    9. Trick dog training provides challenging mental stimulation which makes your dog better at problem solving as well as tiring him out. Tricks get easier to learn as the dog develops his problem solving skills.
    10. Better overall behaviour. Many trick trainers report that their dog’s behaviour problems just disappeared after a short time of learning and practicing tricks. I am sure the dogs would report the same news about their trainers too, as trick training really helps hone our skills and timing.
    11. Anyone can teach their dog tricks.
    12. Any dog can learn tricks. Trick work is easily adapted to the size, shape, breed and age of the dog.
    13. There are no prerequisites. Puppies as young as eight weeks can learn to sit and senior dogs enjoy doing less physically demanding tricks like a head cock, or roll over.

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