• Get your dog to come back right away, using positive training methods.

    Do you have trouble getting your dog to come back in after you let him out in the backyard?  

    Here is a simple dog training trick that works to teach your dog to come really fast!

    1. Before you let your dog out show him an extra special treat (like a whole hot dog, if he’s a large dog!) let him watch you place it near the doorway (inside).  
    2. Then let him out and call him back as soon as he is out the door.  When he comes back, make a big deal about it and give him  the whole hot dog.  
    3. Repeat  and notice how much faster he gets each time!
    4. That’s it. Except just one little thing.  The reward has to be extra super special.  Don’t try to pass of hard biscuits as special enough.  Something moist and soft and smelly (turkey, bison or beef pepperoni, and natural hot dogs are perfect)

    A few dogs like a game of fetch or tug more than food rewards.  If this sounds like your dog, just substitute their aabsolute favorite toy for the food treat and be sure to have a particularly excellent play with them when they come back in.

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