• Lynne has been wonderful with my picky "Hyper" Piper. I only wish we had been introduced when my dog was a puppy. She speaks dog! I am building a trusting relationship with my dog that makes our time fun together.

    I only wish we had been introduced when my dog was a puppy Sondra Lambie

  • Go, Dog, Go! is amazing! Lynne has provided one-on-one training, boarding services, and day "camp" adventure outings for our dog for the past four years. We couldn't be happier with the results, and her dedication to helping us have a dog that is happy, calm, well behaved and well trained. She often goes above and beyond with advice and tips.

    We couldn't be happier Jen Za

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  • Lynne is amazing! She's been taking Sam out for adventures for six years now, since I first adopted him. We also took a tricks class with Lynne and Sam now has quite a repertoire of tricks - my favorite is sneezing on command ......who knew? Sam is so excited to see her and her crew whenever they pull up. When I first got Sam he was young and crazy, and what a delight it was to come home after a long day of work to find a happy exhausted pup. Thanks Lynne!

    Terri Baird

  • Go Dog Go's Trick Training classes are so much fun. ***** is super professional and my dog now knows so many tricks because of the classes. She is our GO-TO trainer.

    Morgan Arnott

  • I'm so happy to have a puppy, not quite 6 months old, that is completely house trained, good with kids, dogs and strangers, sits, lays and comes on command (most of the time). This is all thanks to Lynn and her training techniques. Thanks Lynn!

    I'm so happy to have a puppy that is completely house trained, good with kids, dogs and strangers J.Morrison

  • Lynne personalized each Novice Dog trick class to each of my dogs' personalities, breed and limitations. Fab instructor. I can hardly wait for the next classes to start and neither can my dogs. What a great bonding experience for all.

    What a great bonding experience for all. Sherry Shaw

  • I did a review of Go Dog Go here in 2013, but think it' time I did another one. In my opinion Lynne is unsurpassed in working with dogs - any kind, unruly, stubborn, you name it, she's trained it! My furkids remember her - always - and jump around and all want pats at the same time! I would recommend her to anyone wanting a good trainer!

    Lynne is unsurpassed in working with dogs Cheena Graham

  • Lynne is full of knowledge and It was really quite a blessing to see The bond she made with my handsome and sweet boy Dodger, who a lot of people tend to misunderstand. (Pit bull) We thank and appreciate you!!!! ������

    Ashleigh Rae Everill

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