Avoid these behaviour problems:

    • Biting and nipping
    • housetraining mistakes
    • chewing
    • leash pulling
    • not listening
    • seperation anxiety
    • unruliness

    Get good behaviour for life!

    • error free housetraining
    • friendly and polite
    • attentiveness
    • come when called
    • walking on loose leash
    • well behaved indoors and out
    • friendly with other animals
    • can be left at home safely

    Start puppy off on the right paw to becoming the best dog you ever had

    Your puppy starts learning early!  Puppies are always learning, but the critical  age for positive socialization experiences is between 2 weeks (before you even get your puppy!) and 16 weeks.  Good socialization experiences begin while puppy is still with his mom, and she will teach him alot about how to relate to, and survive in the world, during the early weeks when he is taking his first wobbly steps.  After he leaves his Mom's side, your puppy needs you to show him the ropes and how to live in a human family.   Early puppy training is critical to how he grows up to see the world and to how he will live with his family.  The habits he learns now will last him a lifetime, so you need to begin a good training program when you get your puppy to avoid behaviour problems as he develops.  

    Our qualified dog trainers are here to help you and your puppy with every step of your journey toward her adulthood together.  We know that providing a puppy with all the resources, socialization  and training she needs to grow into a well behaved adult dog can be challenging for a busy family.  So we have carefully designed several puppy training options that will suit your unique family needs.


    Super Puppy Classes

    Group preschool puppy classes just for puppies up to 20 weeks old. Early puppy socialization, puppy play time, and learning all combine to make Super Puppy Classes an essential ingredient in your puppy's healthy development.

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    Private Puppy Training

    Can't make it to a class? You can still get puppy the early training he needs to grow up to be a problem free adult dog. We understand today's busy lifestyle can make it difficult to attend a class, so we can come to you instead, at a time that suits you perfectly.

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    Day tutoring: Puppy training when you can't be there

    No time to train? Your puppy can still learn everything he needs to know with day tutoring. We come to your home, and train puppy there. We'll even take her on field trips to so she can get positive interaction with people, places and things. You'll come home to a relaxed puppy who is ready to play without the worry of missing out on essential puppy training.

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