• Our Super Puppy programs mix early learning with socialization with a wide array of experiences designed to help puppy grow into confident, happy and well behaved, grown up dogs.  Young puppies (between 2 and 16 weeks) will often instinctively fear anything unusual in the environment, and this fear can last for his entire life.  Scientific research has found  that careful, early positive associations with people, places, things and even environmental sounds will help puppies to adjust to a busy human world, and such socialization helps to develop healthy behaviour patterns that lead to problem free adulthood. Puppy's social development is already happening and he is already forming learning habits.  

    Whether you choose in home training  including private lessons, and unique day tutoring, or group Super Puppy classes, our super puppy programs have been carefully planned to make sure that puppy gets the socialization and developmental experiences he needs to grow up to be a well adjusted and happy adult dog.

    Go Dog Go! Dog Training offers convenient private training options in the comfort of your home, and fun Super Puppy classes in a group setting. 

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  • Not everyone can be home with their puppy during the day.  With our day tutoring program we come to your home and work with your puppy when you can't be home.  We work with you once per week to work with you and your puppy together.  We include a weekly report card, videos and photos, and a manual. 

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  • We come to your home and teach you and your puppy in a private and convenient setting.  This option is great for those who need coaching on problem behaviours, or with specific training goals.  We use the incredible Super Puppy curriculum, in a one on one setting.

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  • Super Puppy Classes go above and beyond the average puppy kindergarten class.  We have carefully designed a program that will build a lifetime of excellent social skills, amazing learning habits, and good behaviour through play, extensive puppy socialization, age appropriate beginner obedience, and fun games.  

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