• We provide mobile private dog training services at your home so your dog can learn in a familiar environment while you enjoy the convenience of not having to go anywhere.  We know how it is to be busy! We work one-on-one with your family and your dog to set goals and get good behaviour using up-to-date methods that achieve lasting results. 


  • Basic Dog Training

    Private dog training

    The basic dog training program at your own home at a time that works perfectly for you.  Do you have a new dog?  Do you have trouble getting your dog to listen?  Basic Training turns rascals into angels using our exclusive scientifically developed basic dog training program. As with all of our programs we use a correction free, gentle approach that teaches dogs to love doing exactly what we want them to do. The program uses fun games and professional dog trainer's tricks to get and maintain attention and focus and achieve reliably good behaviour both on and off leash.  

    • Sit, Down, Stand
    • Stay
    • Loose leash walking
    • Rocket Recall (come when called)
    • Training Games
    • Customized tricks just for you and your dog

    This 6 one-on-one private dog training set includes:

    • 1 One on one behaviour and needs assessment  (1.5 hrs)
    • 1 Customized private dog training plan
    • 1 Basic Dog Training workbook pdf
    • Additional resources as needed
    • 5 one on one sessions (1 hr) with homework assignments

    $450 (GST not included)



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  • Behavior Problems

    Labrador retriever

    Dog behaviour problems can be annoying, embarrassing or even scary!  We have helped thousands of dogs with all sorts of behaviour problems using scientifically developed,  positive dog training methods that provide permanent solutions to difficult problems.   Whether you have a dog who just doesn't listen, or a more serious and embarrassing problem, we can help.

    • Aggression
    • Barking
    • Biting
    • Jumping up on people
    • Stealing food
    • Reactivity towards dogs, people, things
    • Attention and focus deficit
    • Separation anxiety
    • House soiling
    • Destructive behaviour
    • Digging
    • Running away
    • Door dashing
    • Excitable dogs
    • Stubborn dogs


      Assessment and Lesson -1.5 hours


    • 1.5 hour Assessment
    • Lesson that addresses your dog's needs
    • Written Assessment and training recommendations
    • Private Training Plan
    • Training workbook
    • Additional dog training resources
    • Clicker

    $110 (GST not included) 

    Value Package


    • 1 Behaviour Assessment and Lesson (1.5 hour)
    • 5  1 hour private training sessions
    • Go Dog Go! Dog Training Workbook
    • Additional Resources
    • Homework assignments
    • Clicker

    $450 (GST not included)


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  • Shelter and Rescue Dog Program

    The Go Dog Go! Dog Training rescue dog program addresses the unique needs of dogs from dog rescues and animal shelters.  The program is set up to address common behaviour problems while we teach basic behaviours like name training, self control, loose leash walking, attention to name, and much more.  We can customize the program to teach your dog specific behaviours he might need for therapy dog work, or for other jobs.  

    • Basic obedience 
    • Separation Anxiety
    • House Soiling
    • Leash reactivity and aggression
    • Destructive behaviour
    • Jumping up
    • Resource guarding
    • Digging
    • Barking
    • Much more

     Rescue Dog Value package Includes:

    1 private dog training consultation and assessment (1.5 hr session)

    1 Private dog training plan

    5 one-on-one dog training lessons

    1 Rescue dog program and workbook pdf

    Additional pdf and video resources 





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  • Puppy Home School

    Lynne Fedorick and puppy home school

    Home alone puppy? Puppies left alone for more than a few hours per day can develop life long behaviour problems. The Super Puppy Home School program was carefully designed to meet your puppy's social, physical, and mental needs during this critical period of early development.   While you are at work, your puppy will have a potty break, learning games, exercise, socialization, and training.  Just imagine coming home to a calm, relaxed and well behaved puppy after work. 

    Here is what a Puppy Home School Program looks like:

    -1 on 1  home schooling sessions (1/2 hr)includes video up dates and reports 
    2- 1 on 1 (Puppy and human) private puppy training lessons (1 hr)
    1  Super Puppies Workbook
    Ebooks and resources as needed
    1 Clicker
    Each visit includes:
    • Potty time,
    • One on one Super puppy training, including mentally stimulating games and introduction to cues like come, sit, down, stand, stay,
    • Puppy level Trickfit.  Trickfit at puppy level is mainly stretching exercises that were developed to build focus and mental acuity, coordination, provide conditioning exercise, encourages healthy development of ligaments, tendons and muscle tissue. 
    • When puppy receives the second set of vaccines, we do short socialization field trips to get to know, and develop positive associations with different people, places and things. 
    • We bring all equipment (tunnel, pedestals, targets, mat for teaching to settle on a mat, recorded sounds to get used to noises like trucks and fireworks at a low level). 
    • Video updates, weekly report cards

    We work with the human too, teaching motivational and fun positive dog training skills like clicker training that you can do at home.  The result is always a well behaved puppy that grows up to become a well behaved, well adjusted dog.

    Package Includes

    • Training Plan
    • Go Dog Go! Dog Training Super Puppy Workbook 
    • Clicker
    • Additional Resources
    • Video Updates/Photos
    • Weekly Report cards 


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