• Lynne Fedorick only uses a positive, safe, highly effective approach to training which you and your dog can catch onto very quickly and nearly effortlessly.  And the result will be a dog that will amaze you with reliable excellent manners, obedience, and overall good behaviour.  Oh yeah, and some really cool tricks too!  What does positive training  mean?

    Positive dog training means your dog learns that you are a trustworthy leader and reliable provider through a reward based system that never uses punishment or corrections. You need to communicate clear guidelines for behaviour, but you never need to force your dog to perform.  When we are effectively communicating what we want the dog to do, he is overjoyed that he understands you, and he performs because there is nothing he would rather do.    By always setting the dog up for success, he joyfully offers more of the behaviour we want and less of the behaviour we don’t want.

    Heres what positive training includes: 

    • training by rewarding desirable behaviours
    • rewards of treats, toys, praise, and play
    • marker, clicker training
    • luring, capturing, and shaping
    • discipline through time outs, removal of attention or something else the dog likes
    • understanding the dog is a sentient member of a foreign species
    • a lot of laughter and positivity
    • being on the dog’s team 
    • is very rewarding for the dog trainer too!

    Positive Training Does NOT Include: 

    • Intimidation, domination behaviours, pushing, frightening, violence, significant stress
    • force based techniques/force physical manipulation
    • compulsion/coercion based techniques (do it now or else I will correct you)
    • any tool designed to cause the dog pain or fear of pain
    • unrealistic training goals
    • pitting dog against human

    Let us set you and your dog up for success with your own training goals, using the most up to the minute, science based dog training techniques.  Many of Lynne’s students have earned trick training titles and APDT recognized certifications, but most of her students just want to have a happy, well adjusted dog that they can truly enjoy.  You’ll love what we do for you and your dog!  But don’t just take our word for it: Read our testimonials page to see what our clients have to say.


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