• Nip and Tuck- Performing Basset Hounds

  • Dynamic Duo ofPerforming Basset Hounds

    These two Basset Hound Brothers are out to amaze, with gravity defying acrobatic stunts and more.  Nip and Tuck win hearts with their sheer willingness to perform, good nature and devastatingly handsome good looks.  Let no one say that Basset Hounds can't be fit, athletic and highly motivated to perform.

    Some of Nip and Tucks tricks include, standing on their hind legs, jumping through hoops, crawling barrel walking, freestyle dance, parkour, perch work, fetch, roll over and many more.

    Basset Hounds were originally bred to hunt burrowing game and are notoriously difficult to train, but their handler Sherry Shaw has worked hard to help them learn to love performing and learning new tricks.

    Both Nip and Tuck have earned Advanced Trick Dog Certification from Do More With Your Dog