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  • Dog Training Philosophy

    Go Dog Go! is committed to using positive training techniques to help dogs and their people develop joyous relationships based on trust.  We believe training should be fun and enjoyable for all involved, and our goal is never to develop [...]

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    Go Dog Go! Dog Training

    Go Dog Go! Dog Training provides positive dog training and complete dog behaviour services. No matter what the dog problem is, we turn dogs and puppies into polite, well behaved companions, using kind, up to date methods.  Even if you have had bad [...]

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    Lynne Fedorick, CPDT-KA, CTDI

    Hi!  My name is Lynne Fedorick.  I'm a professional dog trainer and my number one passion is helping people and dogs to communicate with each other.  I truly believe in the power of two way communication when it comes to dog training.  My past [...]

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