• Meet the Stars:

    Psst..Earl is a bit of a Ham

    2015 Sid Williams Follies Vaudeville Show


    Earl is a 7 year old German Shorthaired Pointer who works and plays with Lynne Fedorick. Lynne got Earl as an adult from Newbark Canine Rescue and Rehoming Society. Earl's favorite past times include tricks, mountain biking, going for car rides, swimming, and eating pizza. Earl knows how to play the piano, the ukelele, an electric guitar. Earl rides a skateboard and walks on a barrel. Earl has earned an Expert Trick Dog Title from Do More With Your Dog. Earl likes it when you call him Mr. Fabulous, because he really is all that and more.








    Jolene sit

    Jolene is a new addition to the All Star Trick Dogs. Jolene is a tiny Elhew English Pointer, fresh from Utah via Dogwood Pointer Rescue. Jolene is a bouncing bundle of high voltage energy, and so far, her speciaties include hoop jumps, skipping rope, and comic relief.






    Marlene and Vessa:

    Marlen and Vessa

    Marlene and Vessa

    Vessa the Black Labrador Retreiver and Marlene are the dancing queens of our team. These two can two step, three step and more, with grace and finnesse. Vessa's favorite things in life are lending a paw to Marlene, eating peas, apples, and other yummy snacks, going for walks and going swimming. Vessa and Marlene are lots of fun to watch and Vessa has earned her Advanced Trick Dog Title.



    Morgan and Caryl

    Cowgirl Caryl Jumping Rope

    Cowgirl Caryl Jumping Rope

    Morgan is a 3 year old Nova Scotia Duck Toller who works and plays with Caryl. Morgan's favorite things include doing tricksand freestyle dance, going yachting, swimming, and living the good life with a bowl of her favorite treats: Lamb Lung. Morgan has earned her Champion Trick Dog Title. Morgan is a Jill of All Trades and is a crowd favorite at all the shows.








    Nip and Tuck and Sherry


    Nip and TucNip and Tuckk are two Basset Brothers who work/play with Sherry. The brothers are sure fun to watch as the jump through hoops, skateboard, leapfrog, and even drive a fire truck! Their favorite things involve Sherry, tricks, and following their noses to great things! Nip and Tuck love performing for and interacting with children and are a favorite at our educational school shows. Nip and Tuck have both earned Intermediate trick dog titles and have their own facebook page! See it here: Nip And Tuck








    Skye photo

    Skye is a 6 year old Entlebucher Mountain Dog who has been trained by Ingrid to be a fantastic stunt dog, pe
    rforming highjumps, barrel rolling, and a variety of standard favorite tricks. A crowd favorite, Skye loves tricks more than anything in the world and has earned her Expert Trick Dog Title.

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