• Lynne Fedorick, CPDT-KA- Dog Trainer and Dog behaviour consultant

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    Hi!  My name is Lynne Fedorick. After a lifetime of owning and working with many species of animals, I became a professional dog trainer in 1995. My number one passion is helping people and dogs to communicate with each other. Since I began training dogs professionally, I have (somewhat proudly) watched thousands of dogs amaze their humans with behaviour that goes way beyond expectations, even the most difficult dog behaviour cases. I truly believe in the power of two way communication and compassion when it comes to dog training. 

    I can't ever remember not having a dog by my side. Now I have 4 incredible trick dogs who all perform trick dog shows at local events in Campbell RiverComox Valley, and other events on Vancouver Island throughout the summer.  The shows are often done to raise funds for charitable organizations. 

    I learned to train dogs as a young child. Dog training was a skill that was passed down through my family for many generations. As a lifelong animal lover, began working in the pet care industry as a teenager, when I worked as a Veterinary Assistant and a kennel attendant for the Edmonton branch of the Alberta Humane Society

    I always train dogs using simple techniques and truly kind, positive dog training methods that never involve the use of pain, discomfort or fear.  The basic concept is simple: 

    Dogs do everything to get something they want, or to avoid something they don't want.  We figure out what they want, and they can't have what they want until we get what we want from them. We don't ever intimidate the dog, as this would slow down the training process. 

    Training this way really engages the dog and gets him wanting to do what we want him to do because we are both on the same team. Dog training should always be fun for both dog and human because both learn best when they are enjoying a fun, positive and friendly experience. 

    In 2013 I sought dog trainer certification.  While there are a number of dog training schools that offer their own certification, I wanted to be certified by an independent professional organization that was known for only certifying the best dog trainers in the industry after rigorous testing and ethical standards.  I chose the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers as the best assurance for my customers that I would uphold the highest standards for professional practices and dog training. 

    In 2013 I was recognized and certified by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers after completing 300 logged hours of dog training experience, passing a rigorous examination on dog behaviour, learning, and dog training; having three professional references; and agreeing to abide by the CCPDT code of conduct

    As a CPDT-KA certified dog trainer, I am constantly upgrading my dog training education with the goal of being able to give my dog training clients the best possible dog training experience.  Here is a list of the dog trainer and dog behaviour courses that I have taken:  Click here