• Home School Puppy Training:

    Home alone puppy? Puppies left alone for more than a few hours per day can develop life long behaviour problems. The Super Puppy Home School program was carefully designed to meet your puppy's social, physical, and mental needs during this critical period of early development.   While you are at work, your puppy will have a potty break, learning games, exercise, socialization, and training.  Just imagine coming home to a calm, relaxed and well behaved puppy after work. 

    Here is what a Puppy Home School Program looks like:

    10 -1 on 1  home schooling sessions includes video up dates and reports 
    2- 1 on 1 (Puppy and human) private puppy training lessons 
    1  Super Puppies Workbook
    Ebooks and resources as needed
    1 Clicker
    Each visit includes:
    • Potty time,
    • One on one Super puppy training, including mentally stimulating games and introduction to cues like come, sit, down, stand, stay,
    • Puppy level Trickfit.  Trickfit at puppy level is mainly stretching exercises that were developed to build focus and mental acuity, coordination, provide conditioning exercise, encourages healthy development of ligaments, tendons and muscle tissue. 
    • When puppy receives the second set of vaccines, we do short socialization expeditions to get to know, and develop positive associations with different people, places and things. 
    • We bring all equipment (tunnel, pedestals, targets, mat for teaching to settle on a mat, recorded sounds to get used to noises like trucks and fireworks at a low level). 
    • Video updates, weekly report cards


    We work with the human too, teaching motivational and fun positive dog training skills like clicker training that you can do at home.  The result is always a well behaved puppy that grows up to become a well behaved, well adjusted dog. 

    Tuition: $600  (GST not included)