• Dog Classes and Puppy Classes

    • Do you have a new puppy?
    • Would you like to have a dog that is always well behaved and reliable, on leash or off?
    • Do you want to learn a cool new indoor sport that can improve your dog's conditioning and fitness?
    • Are you ready to take your training further than ever before?

    Go Dog Go! Dog Training offers 3 options for dog and puppy classes in Black Creek, Courtenay, Campbell River, Sayward, Gold River, and Port MacNeil.  All of our programs are designed on a scientifically developed foundation that combines fun, games, and learning for consistently amazing training results.  



  • Super Puppy Classes

    New Puppy? Super Puppy Classes are a great way to introduce your puppy to the world and get her off on the right paw to a fear free lifetime of cooperation and good behaviour.  

    Super puppy classes go far beyond traditional puppy classes with a scientifically developed program that combines essential social experiences and educational elements.  Complete, positive socialization with a wide variety of people, places, things, and sounds and more!  These classes also address typical puppyhood issues like housetraining, chewing, crate games, come when called, walk on a loose leash, sit, down, stand and stay.


    $100 4 class program


    • 4 Classes
    • Go Dog Go! Dog Training's Exclusive Super Puppy Workbook
    • A Clicker
    • Additional puppy learning resources


    • These classes are just for puppies from 10 weeks old to 18 weeks old at the start of the program.
    • Proof of up to date vaccines or recent titres

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  • Level 2 Super Puppy Classes

    Is your puppy more than 18 weeks of age?  Super Puppy Class Level 2 was developed for older puppies who have a grasp of the basic concepts learned in Super Puppy Classes (Find out more here) and are ready for more advanced basic training.  

    • Effective use of reward markers and positive reinforcement
    • Impulse control exercises and games
    • Polite greetings and door manners
    • Stay (with distractions)
    • Come with distractions
    • Heel with distractions
    • Settle 
    • Cool Tricks


  • Basic Training

    Do you have a new dog?  Do you have trouble getting your dog to listen?  Basic Training turns rascals into angels using our exclusive scientifically developed basic dog training program. As with all of our programs we use a correction free, gentle approach that teaches dogs to love doing exactly what we want them to do. The program uses fun games and professional dog trainer's tricks to get and maintain attention and focus and achieve reliably good behaviour both on and off leash.  

    • Sit, Down, Stand
    • Stay
    • Loose leash walking
    • Rocket Recall (come when called)
    • Training Games
    • clicker training

    Classes in Black Creek, Courtenay, Campbell River

    $150/ 6 class program


    • 6 Basic training classes
    • Go Dog Go! Basic Dog Training Workbook
    • Clicker
    • Additional Dog training resources


    • Friendly, non-reactive dogs
    • Proof of up to date vaccines or recent titres



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  • Trick Fit Canine Fitness Training

    • Fitness.
    • Conditioning
    • Attention and Focus
    • Obedience
    • Good behaviour
    • Bonding
    • Fun

    Trickfit is an innovative program that uses 30 minutes of stretching and strength building exercises to provide mental stimulation, teamwork, conditioning and fitness far better than a 1 hour walk.  In addition to fitness benefits, Students report being amazed at the positive changes in their dog's ability to focus, and the new  work ethic that develops.   This program is Canine Kinesiologist approved and is an excellent enhancement for dog agility, freestyle, disk dog and dog parkour.  

    $80 - 4 class program


    • 4 Trickfit Classes
    • Trickfit workbook
    • clicker
    • Additional resources


    • Friendly, non reactive dogs
    • Proof of up to date vaccines or recent titres

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