• Here are some dates Vancouver Island Dog Lovers Will want to mark on their calendars. I will keep posting more, so keep your eyes on this spot.  If you have an event you would like to get the word out about, send an email to: info@godoggodogs.com

    Integrated Trick Dog Title Certification Course:

    March 29 -Merville Hall  – 7 Sundays at 4 PM

    These thoroughly enjoyable dog training classes are sanctioned by Do More With Your Dog.  The Trick Performance Dog Title Course teaches students great dog training skills, while the focus is on fun,  this class is a great way to enhance your relationship with your dog while greatly improving overall obedience and attentiveness.  A few of the tricks you can learn to teach your dog are: Prayers, high-five, spin, take a bow, sit pretty, wave, hide your eyes, put your toys away, fetch, find it, turn on/off the light, etc. (or if you have a special trick or skill you would like to teach your dog, we will help you do it).  We will learn fifteen tricks in the Novice Level course, 10 in the Intermediate title course, and 8 in the expert level course.  The only prerequisite is that dogs must be friendly with people and other dogs.  This course is 7 weeks long for each level.  $140


    Super Puppy Classes

    March 31 – Willow Point Hall – Campbell River – Super Puppies – 5 Tuesdays at 6:30 PM

    Go Dog Go!’s popular Super Puppy Classes are more than just weekly socialization classes for your puppy.  Our Super Puppies Class will teach you and your puppy everything you both need to know for him to grow up happy and healthy, including unparralleled opportunities to learn about everything in a growing dog’s environment in a positive and safe manner.

     Do you want a dog who walks nicely on leash, comes when called, and is welcome wherever you go?  Superpuppies classes are the place to start puppy enroute  to becoming a great dog.   Superpuppies will explore the critical issue of social imprinting, and will introduce puppies to a variety of people, places and things, as well as giving them the opportunity to hone their play skills with puppies their own age and gentle adult dogs.

    We will also address common puppyhood issues, such as mouthing and biting, housetraining, crate training (or not), and leash walking.  Clicker training is introduced to new puppy parents. Superpuppies learn basic commands and some cool tricks too:
    • Sit
    • Come
    • Stay
    • Down
    • Retrieve
    • Introduction to Pedestal Work
    • Spin
    • Tunnels
    • Ring a bell to go outside

    For your impressionable 8-16 week old. Lots and lots of fun: Play, socialization with people, places, and things, and foundation training for obedience,education for new puppy parents, plus a few cool tricks too. Family oriented with the goal of shaping a generation of puppies into absolutely amazing dogs.  Bring the whole family!

    Vancouver Island Pet Expo

    April 11 and 12 at Pearkes Recreation Centre  Victoria, BC


    Come and join us at the Vancouver Island Pet Expo on April 11 & 12, 2015 at Pearkes Recreation Centre in Victoria, BC! The Vancouver Island Pet Expo delivers tons of animal education and entertainment under one roof. The fun-filled family Pet Expo will feature pet related vendors along with some highly unique entertainment.


    Dr. Ian Dunbar:  Barking up the Wrong Tree – For 110 Years?

     04/11/2015 at 09:30 to 04/11/2015 at 17:30

    Holiday Inn Seattle – Seattle Center

    Phone: 1-800-784-5531

    This seminar will show you how to create an internally-reinforced, self-motivated dog that is under reliable verbal control when off-leash, at a distance, and distracted, and without the continued need of any training aid. Topics include: – Quantification of behavior to objectively and accurately track progress – Non-aversive punishments to inhibit and eliminate undesirable behavior – Simple, quick and easy techniques that don’t require consistency or timing – The power of verbal feedback – Understanding antecedents to increase speed and effectiveness of training – Reducing food rewards and using more powerful behavior rewards – The best reinforcement schedule for training – Mega secondary reinforcers for accelerated classical conditioning It took three quarters of a century for dog trainers to embrace science-based training techniques, and initially it was a very welcome change, but now many trainers have actually gone too far. These days there are too many trainers that are trying to emulate the training techniques that have been used in research laboratories. But pet dogs are not captive laboratory subjects and dog owners are not consistent computing machines with perfect timing. In this seminar Dr. Dunbar will explain how to take the lessons learned from the research on learning theory and apply them to the world of dog training without ignoring our assets as human trainers or the limitations of training a pet dog in the real world. Our voice, our ability to assess quality, our social nature can all be used to make training incredibly effective, and incredibly enjoyable, for both us and our dogs.


    Tellington TTouch Training®

     04/12/2015 at 09:00 to 04/17/2015 at 17:00

    Oregon Humane Society, Portland Oregon


    Tellington TTouch can play a role in making training easier by reducing stress; teaching the animal to move beyond instinctive and reactive behaviors and learn how to learn; and by helping to improve self-confidence, self-control and focus. This training will address how behaviour is influenced by body tension and discomfort, and will cover the TTouch bodywork and movement exercises that can change those patterns.


    What’s the Problem? Unraveling the Puzzles of Behavior, Training & Performance

    Suzanne Clothier

    06/14/2015 at 09:00 to 06/14/2015 at 17:00

     The Sidney Pier Hotel, Victoria, BC

    tel: 250.896.7297

    Unraveling the Puzzles of Behavior, Training & Performance This exciting new seminar from Suzanne Clothier provides attendees with a practical and powerful way of looking at any behavior, training or performance problem, and figuring out what to do. This systematic approach to unraveling the puzzle will help any handler, novice or expert, identify the areas that need attention, recognize training methods that are effective, and understand their dog as a physical, emotional and mental being. For the dog lover, this approach helps guide your thinking about behavior & training problems, and helps you identify where to turn to help — and what kind of help you need and want. For the dog training professional, this approach offers a number of powerful tools for quickly and accurately identifying the issues that may be at the root of any presented problem. This allows trainers to focus on areas that need to be built or that needs strengthening or repair. Above all, how do you know how and what needs work? How do you know if a method or equipment choice is right for you and your dog? There is a bewildering array of options and information out there. How do you know which way to go? Suzanne can help you find your way using your own good sense and specific approaches to finding answers. While Suzanne cannot provide a magic wand or any miracle fairy dust, she can and will provide meaningful tools and ways of thinking that will help you make better decisions for yourself, your dogs and – for professionals – your clients. Topics covered: The dog – physical, mental, emotional Clothier’s Functional Assessment Tool (FAT) The handler – goals, skills, tools Control, Connection & Permission — finding the strengths & gaps Training Triage – who, what, where, when, why What’s right for you? Creating a framework for assessing tools, methods and results






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