• Customized Private Training

    Dog training and behaviour solutions that fit your life perfectly


    Private dog training lessons are a customized and flexible learning alternative to group classes. We can set up a dog training or private puppy class schedule that fit your life perfectly. Do you have a specific training goal in mind? One on one lessons in the privacy and convenience of your home make training to your specific behavioural goals easy.

    Our certified professional dog trainer can teach you the tricks professional trainers use to get and keep great behaviour. She’ll create a training plan that uses positive dog training techniques, customized to your goals and style, and then meet with you once a week at your home to help you implement it. Our private dog training initial consultation includes:

    • Dog training needs assessment
    • Orientation to game based dog training
    • Dog Temperament assessment
    • Games
    • Coaching
    • Clicker training
    • Custom Training Plan
    • Go Dog Go! Dog Training manual
    • Ongoing phone support for life

    Initial consultation is 1.5 to 2 hours long and is $90.


     Private Puppy Lessons

    Many of our private puppy training clients have busy lifestyles that make it difficult to commit to weekly group Super Puppy classes. Many families with new puppies simply prefer the convenience of training their new puppy at home, where it's easy for all family members to take part.

    Some puppies can find group classes an overwhelming experience, and it is always better to start shy puppies in a familiar environment. After gaining confidence in just one or two home lessons, puppy can venture into a group class where he can meet and interact with other puppies and get familiar with training in a more distracting environment.

    Do you or someone you know need a qualified service dog to help with tasks and chores? Starting with in home private puppy lessons is the perfect way for puppy to learn everything he needs to learn to be a helpful assistant.

    Private Dog Training Value Packages- In your home

    Behaviour Brush Up 6 Pack- New Dogs, Most behaviour problems

    •  1 Initial Consultation (1.5 to 2 hrs)
    •  5 one on one lessons (45 minutes to1 hr each
    • A training plan
    • Handouts
    • A clicker



    Super Puppy Private Lesson Package

    • 1 Initial Consultation (1.5 to 2 hrs)
    • 7 Customized private Lessons (45 minutes to 1.5 hours each)
    • A Training Plan
    • Handouts
    • A Clicker
    • Ongoing Support



    Reactive Dog Package

    Imagine having a dog that is happy, relaxed, and well behaved everywhere you go.  If this is your goal, choose  the Reactive Dog Package.  We get excellent ongoing results with this training program. It's science based, force free training that really works.

    • 1 Initial Consultation
    • 7 Customized private lessons
    • A Custom Training Plan
    • Handouts
    • A Clicker
    • Ongoing Support


    We can also put together a value package according to your needs. Let's talk!


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    None of our clients have exactly the same needs or the same goals.  When you choose the convenience of private dog training,  we create a perfect custom dog training program that is just as unique as you and your dog.  We also give you two different options for private training:  Private Lessons 

    Private Dog Training 
    Certified dog trainer Lynne Fedorick will teach you the tricks professional trainers use to get and keep great behavior.  Includes orientation, temperament assessment, introductory  training, games, introduction to clicker training, and a trick or two, too! She’ll create a training plan using positive techniques, customized to your goals and style, and then meet with you once a week at your home to help you implement it.

    Program Fees:

    An initial consult is the starting point.  We come to your home and set goals, create your customized training plan and start on a few training exercises. The initial assessment lasts about 1.5 hours and costs $90.00. You will get a lot of great information and guidance in this session.  After that, Lynne will come once per week for a 1 hour dog training lesson.   Most behaviour problems are solved within 4 weeks.  

    A 4 session package (including the initial assessment) are $300. 

    This option includes:  

    • Initial  Assessment
    • Weekly lessons
    • Handouts
    • Ongoing phone support whenever you need it.

    Day Tutoring:

    Do you work every day? Imagine coming home to a better behaved, more relaxed dog or puppy without the worry of finding time to train on the days you work. At Go Dog Go!, we understand that balancing work with meeting your dog's needs for the social interaction, mental stimulation, and exercise that happen during a training session can be difficult. Luckily, we are just a phone call away, to help you to train your dog when time it tight. This program is ideal for puppies.

    Here is what a typical day training package includes:

    Lynne comes to your home (or place of business when preferred) for a behavioural consultation to meet you and assess your needs, set goals and get you started woth some training exercises. Lynne will customize a training plan.
    Twice per week, We take your dog for a 40 minute training session, including a potty break.
    Twice per month, we will come to your home to meet with you for a training consultaion/reassessment.
    Training may include work on social skills, behaviour problems (jumping up, phobias), trick work, or basic obedience (like loose leash walking).
    Games, including fetch, and a variety of brain games which will help to tire your dog out almost as much as physical exercise.
    You come home to a tired, happy, better behaved dog.



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