• Child and Dog

    Go Dog Go!’s Puppy Right Start Package ensures that puppies and children grow up to be best friends forever.


    No matter what your training goals are, Go Dog Go Dog Training offers unique training packages just right for you Whether you have a behaviour issue you need an effective solution for,  have a puppy who needs training, an energetic dog who is driving you bonkers, or if you would like to earn a Trick Dog Title, We can put something together that you’ll love!  Each package include a free phone assessment.   Call 250-792-3515 today and let’s get started.


    Give Your Puppy The Right Start

    Puppy walking on loose leash

    The Puppy Right Start Package gets your puppy in good behaviour habits from the very beginning.

    The Right Start package goes far beyond what you will find in a group class.  You and your puppy will receive customized training, from housetraining to the critical multiple stimuli socialization he needs to enjoy a worry free life.

    This well thought out package will give you everything you need to get your puppy started toward a trouble free and happy adulthood.  While most of these private sessions are in your home, we go out to learn about friendly dogs, livestock, bicycles, skateboards, children and all the wonders of city life.  Eight important Take and Train sessions will give your puppy vital mental stimulation, skills training, and a potty break during the day.

    The Right Start Package Includes:

    2 sessions – 2 hour in home private training for you and puppy jam packed with:  Fundamentals of training, house training, best toys and games for puppies, manners, clicker training, child proofing, handling, games, obedience, tricks and much, much more!  *family and puppy
    8 sessions- 40 minute puppy day tutoring (includes potty time)**just for puppy-we train even when you can’t be there
    1 session – 1 hour Taking it to The Streets! Positive socialization and interaction  *family and puppy


     Give Your Puppy the Right Start


    The Total Lifeskills Behaviour  Package

    Great Dane on exploded sofa

    Behaviour problems? We can take your dog from delinquent to diplomat.


    Did you adopt a rescue dog who came with a whole bunch of really surprising behaviour problems?

    Destructive behaviour?
    Counter Surfing?
    House training problems?
    Jumping up?
    Running away?
    Separation anxiety?
    Car chasing?
    Fearful or aggressive behaviour?

    We can take your dog from delinquent to diplomat! This package provides highly effective solutions for any/all behaviour problems using  advanced, scientifically proven, dog training techniques.  We can succeed when other dog trainers have failed.  You, your friends, and your family will be amazed at your dogs total transformation into a well adjusted, well behaved and happy dog.  We even include evaluations for BA, MA, and PhD degree certification with the APDT Canine Life and Social Skills program.
    1 Phone Assessment
    1 one and a half hour Planning and Strategizing session *Family and dog 
    16 -40 minute Private Tutoring sessions in your home  *dog only  
    2 one and a half hour follow ups in your home *Family and dog
    2 Evaluations for Canine Life And Social Skills BA, MA or PhD

     Day Tutoring Package

    Girl and puppy tug
    Do you work 
    every day?  Imagine coming home to a better behaved, more relaxed dog or puppy without the worry of finding time to train  on the days you work.   At Go Dog Go!,  we understand that balancing work with meeting your dog’s needs for the social interaction, mental stimulation, and exercise that happen during a training session can be difficult.  Luckily, we are just a phone call away, to help you to trainyour dog when time it tight.  This program is ideal for puppies.  

    Here is what a typical day training package includes:

    1. We come to your home (or place of business when preferred) for a behavioural consultation to meet you and assess your needs.  Lynne will customize a training plan that is perfect for you and your dog and get you started with some training exercises.
    2. We take your dog for a 40 minute training session, including a potty break.
    3. Training may include work on social skills, behaviour problems (jumping up, phobias), trick work, or basic obedience (like loose leash walking).
    4. Games, including fetch, and a variety of brain games which will help to tire your dog out almost as much as physical exercise.
    5. You come home to a tired, happy, better behaved dog.  It’s that easy.


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