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  • Dog training classes for amazing manners anywhere

    Does your dog jump up, dash out the door, run away, pull on the leash, beg at the table, counter surf or does he just not listen at all? Do you have a dog whose behaviour drives you up the wall sometimes?  You CAN have the dog you dream of.  Basic Dog Training will get your dog amazing you with perfect manners in just a few weeks, even when there are distractions.

    We use a unique, fun and games based approach to get seriously good behaviour in our Basic Dog Training Class. Bad behaviour is soon replaced by good behaviour as you and your dog learn training tricks and techniques that will last you a lifetime.  You will be introduce to you to reward marker training and how to use positive reinforcement methods effectively and fast without the need for corrections and harsh training.     

    What You'll get:

    • A motivated dog that really wants to listen, even when there are distractions everywhere
    • A well behaved dog that you will be proud to take anywhere
    • The secrets that the world's top professional dog trainers use: Unlock your dog's amazing potential fast!


    Basic Dog Training includes:

    • Impulse control training
    • Attention training
    • Sit
    • Down,
    • Stand,
    • Stay
    • Come when called
    • Polite greetings (stop jumping up, no matter who comes to visit!)
    • Door manners
    • Walk on a loose leash
    • Settle on a mat


    6 class course $157.50 includes GST, an exclusive Workbook, supplies and course materials

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