• A Lifetime of Dog Training 


    Lynne Fedorick attained her first dog, a golden retriever named, Goldy when she was 2 years old. Goldy started Lynne on a lifetime of studying, living with and writing about, dogs, dog behaviour, and dog training.  As a child, Lynne was introduced to the world of obedience competition, when she won first place in a dog obedience trial with the Samoyed that she trained herself.  


    As the years progressed, Lynne's obsession with dogs continued and grew.  In 1995 Lynne began training dogs professionally in Squamish, BC, while she worked with, studied, and wrote about dog behaviour in packs. Lynne introduced positive dog training to BC in a time when other dog trainers were resolutely using tools like choke collars and prong collars to establish dominance over their charges. Lynne knew she could get more reliable, precise and nearly effortless dog training results without using methods developed to intimidate or cause discomfort.  Lynne's work with the dog packs affirmed what she already knew from successfully training many dogs:  That the defined dog pack hierarchy and the idea that dogs want to dominate their pack were simply not true.  Instead, Lynne trained dogs using an effective, positive dog training approach that takes advantage of the dog's natural drive to do what we want through rewards, fun games, and repetition. The end result is an enduring partnership with a dog that is well behaved and always willing to learn more.

    After teaching hundreds of dog owners in Squamish the benefits of positive dog training Lynne moved to her farm in Black Creek, BC in 2009.  Lynne saw a need for a professional dog trainer in the Comox Valley and she soon established the only Certified and accredited dog training service in Black Creek, BC.  Lynne has now helped thousands of dogs and owners understand one another.

    CCPDT Certified Dog Trainer

    Dog training was a largely unregulated field until the fully independent Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers was formed with the sole goal of setting professional standards for dog trainers. The Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers is the only regulated professional body that certifies dog trainers.  The prestigious CCPDT is overseen and regulated by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) and follows the credentialing guidelines set out by the Institute for Credentialing Excellence.

     Lynne Fedorick attained CCPDT certification in 2012 after being extensively assessed for dog behaviour, dog training, and dog owner teaching knowledge and skills.  To be awarded certification, Lynne passed the following requirements.  Lynne continues to attend workshops and classes in order to keep up to date with the latest developments in the dog behaviour field.


    1. 300 proven hours of dog training experience
    2. 3 reference letters: From a fellow trainer, a veterinarian, and a client
    3. A minimum of 75% on a very extensive examination
    4. Adherence to strict ethical guidelines for: treatment of animals, business practices, and customer service
    5. Proof of ongoing education for at least 3 years.


    Lynne's Dogs


    In 2001, Esta arrived in a litter of puppies Lynne fostered for the Squamish Branch of the BCSPCA.  Esta's mother was a pit bull terrier, and we're pretty sure her father was a rambling stranger by the name of Luke.  After spending a lifetime running, playing and doing tricks, Esta now devotes most of her time to frequent farm patrols, watching over her herd of goats, and eating cookies on her bed.


    In 2008 Alice arrived from recession stricken California with the help of a local rescue.  Alice is a Corgi mix, arrived as a foster dog, but she knew how to work it and is a perfect dog who holds an Intermediate Trick Dog Title.  Alice still comes and play with her friends on Go Dog Go's Doggy Adventure Team and has performed with the Go Dog Go! All Stars.


    Earl is a German Shorthaired Pointer.  Earl also arrived as a foster dog who had been picked up one too many times by the dog pound in Vancouver.  Earl had already been through many foster homes by the time Lynne got him, and he came with a litany of behaviour problems.  Lynne knew a star when she saw one, and using trust building exercises and kindness, she taught him everything he needed to know to not only be a really good dog, but to be a really good dog who performs in trick dog shows from Seniors Homes and Elementary Schools, to Vaudeville Shows, film and theatrical performances.  Earl has been awarded an Expert Trick Dog Title with honours.


    Jolene is the newest member of Lynne's pack.  Jolene is an Lemon English Pointer who came from Utah via Utah's Perfect Pointers. Jolene was found wandering the streets as a young dog.  Jolene also came with many behaviour issues, and is now a star performer with the Go Dog Go! All Stars. 


    Volunteer Work





    2015 Better Business Bureau Torch Award Winner,
    2015 Campbell River Chamber of Commerce Business Award of Distinction

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