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    Teaching dogs to greet people politely is fast and easy using posive training methods.



    Whether your dog has a behaviour problem (phobias, leash pulling, running away, aggression, unruly behaviour, etc) or you need some goal oriented instruction to help him to be the best he can be, Go Dog Go!  Dog Training is here to help.  We have dog training classes at convenient locations in the Comox Valley and Campbell River areas.  Our private lessons and value packed dog training packages offer custom solutions to any and all dog behaviour problems.  

    Our certified dog trainer, Lynne Fedorick has been examined and Certified by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers and has been accredited and awarded  and A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau.  We are proud of the fact that we can proudly stand behind our services, and the resulting well behaved dogs and satisfied, happy clients.  

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    We create well behaved dogs and confident dog owners through effective positive training.


    You and your dog are unique and special.  

    We offer both puppy and dog training in several very special formats.  

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    We believe training is a family affair!



    Puppy Learning Programs:

    Puppies start learning aSaturdays in Point Baybout how to act in the big world before they even open their eyes, as they navigate to their mom to nurse.  As early as 2 weeks old, breeders should be ensuring that the pups are handled by different family members.  As puppy grows, and his eyes open, he begins to interact with his siblings and others.  This is when the critical social imprinting age truly begins, and it is important that breeders give the pups plenty of human interaction at this time, as puppy will bond with anything he is exposed to in a positive way at this age, and will fear things that he doesn’t get exposed to in a positive way.  By the time you adopt your pup, he will have a basic idea of how to interact with other puppies and humans.  You have until he is 16 weeks to build bonds and positive associations with everything in the environment.

    This is where we come in:  Go Dog Go! has several unique and specially designed programs to help your puppy learn about the world in a safe, controlled environment, while you learn about everything puppy will need to grow up to be the best family dog you ever had.  Whether you choose group puppy classes, or a private training option you can be assured that the classes have been professionally designed to grow developing puppies into amazing adult dogs. These classes are designed for vaccinated puppies between 8 weeks old and 16 weeks old.

    Super Puppies Classes

    Super Puppies Puppy Classes are a uniquie blend of unparalleled socialization experiences, supervised group play, puppy training tips and parent education, and an introduction to  life skills training using advanced methods and positive training techniques.   These classes are a ridiculously fun and very informative way to get puppy started on the right track while you meet other fantastic puppy parents. Our Super puppies graduate being able pass their CKC Canine Good Neighbour Examination.


    Puppy Right Start Training Package

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    Our puppies get a wide variety of sensory experiences to prepare them for well adjusted adulthood.

    The Puppy Right Start private training package is packed with great value, all in the comfort and convenience of your own home, plus a couple of public venues.   Public venues are carefully chosen places where puppies can safely meet and learn all about strangers, wheelchairs, skateboards, bicycles and horses while he is still in the social imprinting developmental stage.

    After a free on phone assessment, we’ll meet with you to put together a plan that will fit you and your family perfectly.  During this meeting we’ll set goals, go through house training, puppy proofing, nutritional needs.  If you need your dog to be trainedto perform specific tasks (such as service dog duties) we can add that into the plan at this time.  We come back and work with you and your puppy, according to the strategies and goals set out at the first meeting.  Throughout the program,  puppies learn about social interaction with everyone and everybody.

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    Day Tutoring

    Do you work outside the home?  At Go Dog Go!,  we understand that balancing work with meeting your dog’s needs for the social interaction, mental stimulation, and exercise that happen during a training session can be difficult.  The day tutoring program is essential for puppies who aren’t old enough to be left at home all day.  Luckily, we are just a phone call away, to help you to train puppy when time is tight.  

    At $300 for eight value packed sessions with puppy, weekly report cards, and a monthly 1 hour meeting with parents, this package is an excellent value.  Our customers love the puppy day tutoring program, and we are happy to be able to provide it throughout the Comox Valley and Campbell River areas.

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    Learning Programs For Older puppies, Adolecents, and Adult Dogs :

    Does your dog have one of these behaviour problems?

    • Jumping on guests
    • Unruliness
    • Excessive Barking
    • House soiling
    • Destructive Behaviour
    • Phobias
    • Aggressive behaviour
    • Running away
    • Chasing vehicles
    • Digging
    • Livestock harrassing/maiming
    • Did you adopt a rescue dog who needs help adjusting to your household?

    We can take your dog from delinquent to diplomat.  Because each situation is unique, we have a range of program options.  From group classes in convenient locations in the Comox Valley and Campbell River areas, to private dog training services in your home, we are here to help.  Our progams are successful because we understand dogs, we understand dog owners and we have excellent communication skills with both.

    Group Classes


    Our manners classes are based on the APDT’s Canine Life and Social Skills (C.L.A.S.S.) Program which has an outstanding curriculum for teaching dogs and humans real life skills that are useful outside of the classroom. Upon graduation, dogs are awarded a BA, and MA or a PhD according to their skill level. This fun program is for friendly, vaccinated adult dogs and puppies who have graduated from one of our puppy programs or are 5 months old.

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    Trick Dog Title Classes

    Nip and Tuck

    Nip And Tuck are proud holders of their Novice Trick Dog Titles

    Our Trick Dog Titles Programs turn your dog into a star!   Tricks are a growing sport, with many intrinsic benefits to pet dogs, canine athletes, the human-dog relationship.   Dogs learn a minimum of 15 tricks at the novice level, 12 at the intermediate level, and 5 each at the Expert and Advanced Levels.   The Trick Dog Titling program in sanctioned by Do More With Your Dog, and graduates of the Novice Trick Dog Title Program are eligible to apply to join the Go Dog Go! All Stars Trick Dog Team.

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    In Home Dog Training Packages

    If your dog has behaviour problems or  if your dog is just reactive or afraid of other dogs, an in home program is a perfect choice to get him started.  All of our certification programs are available through in home programs.  Certified professional dog trainer Lynne Fedorick will come to your home and teach you all the tricks professional trainers use to get and keep great behaviour.  She’ll create a training package plan using positive techniques, customized to your goals and style, and then meet with you once a week at your home to help you implement it.  The result is a unique training solution that is absolutely perfect for you.Learn More Here

    Day Tutoring

    Is your dog home alone all day?   Do you have days when it is difficult to find time to train your dog or puppy?  This is a great option for you!  After doing a one on one consultation with you at your home, do discover your unique needs, and get you started on the right path,  Lynne comes to your home when you can’t be there.   After your pup has a 10 minute potty break, Lynne spends 20-30 minutes training, and then plays interactive brain games that will challenge, engage and tire your pooch out for another 10 minutes.  When you get home your dog will be tired and much better behaved.  You get a written report each time, and a weekly report card letting you know what we did, and how we did it. We also meet with you once per month to touch base and make sure we are on track with training goals and strategies.

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