• 25 Body Awareness and Core strength Exercises

     for supple joints Healthier Dogs

    Even long bodied dogs like basset hounds benefit 
    from body awareness and conditioning exercises.
    Whether you have an active dog, a canine athlete, a hunting dog, or a more laid back dog, all dogs can benefit from exercises that build both body awareness and core strength.  Dogs with good body awareness, strong muscles and supple joints are far less prone to injury and lameness than dogs that get lots of exercise walking or running.  By keeping training fun, and looking at each exercise as a game rather than a task, dogs can really enjoy doing these exercises that will build their coordination and muscle structure as well as developing cognitive skills. When looking for a pedestal for your dog, be sure to get one that is appopriate for his size and build- he should be able to get up on it easily and have room to turn in a tight circle on top of it.
    Work with a qualified istructor (CTDI or Fitpaws). Because it’s important to teach the exercises in a specific manner to avoid injury, you should get instruction from a specifically quallified instructor.  We’re betting that you’d only take fitness classes from an qualified fitness instructor, so please don’t take chances with your dog’s fitness either!  BTW We teach all of these exercises in our tricks classes.
    1.  Pedestal work- with two paws up on a 6 inch to 18 inch high pedestal, depending on the size of your dog
    2.  Pedestal work- all fours on the pedestal standing and then sitting
    3. Spin- right and left use different core and leg muscles 
    4. Spin on top of pedestal 
    5. Back Up 
    6. Walk on a 8 foot by 4 inch wide double balance beam. (advanced)
    7. Walk on an 8 foot by 4 inch wide single balance beam. (advanced)
    8. Back up across a double balance beam   (advanced)
    9. Back up across a single balance beam (super advanced)
    10. Back up stairs.
    11. Back up onto a wall (advanced)
    12. Back up back paws onto a 4 inch wide balance beam (super advanced)
    13. Roll over
    14. Lie on back with four paws in air
    15. Roll a barrel with front paws
    16. Walk on top of a barrel (advanced)
    17. Yoga Ball work (use a kids play ball for very small dogs) front paws up
    18. Yoga ball work all four paws on, standing (advanced)
    19. Fitdisc/ balance board work front paws only 
    20. Fitdisc/ balance board work all four paws
    21. Lift right front paw
    22. Lift left front paw
    23. Lift right rear paw
    24. Lift left rear paw
    25. Front Paw stands (Super Advanced)

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