• Good behaviour that all dogs need to know in an easy-to-learn format that our students love.

  • Basic dog training classes are an excellent option for dogs who need to learn to be well behaved, even when other dogs are around. The Basic Training group dog training class program is a 4 class set that is aimed at developing amazing obedience without the use of force.

    We use a unique, fun and games based approach to get seriously good behaviour in Basic Dog Training Classes . Our students love this science based dog training program, which will introduce you to the effective use of positive reinforcement, reward markers (clicker training), and teach you how you can teach your dog to perform any behaviour,  on cue.  Basic Dog Training includes:

    • Effective use of reinforcers and reward markers 
    • Focus and Attention training
    • Sit,
    • Down
    • Stand
    • Stay  (with distractions
    • Polite Greetings and Door Manners
    • Go to bed and stay there (with distractions)
    • Come when called (With distractions)
    • Walk on a loose leash (heel) (with distractions)
    • Retrieve, Finding "lost" objects
    • Targeting
    • Introduction to Dog Parkour