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  • I did a review of Go Dog Go here in 2013, but think it' time I did another one. In my opinion Lynne is unsurpassed in working with dogs - any kind, unruly, stubborn, you name it, she's trained it! My furkids remember her - always - and jump around and all want pats at the same time! I would recommend her to anyone wanting a good trainer!

    "Lynne is Unsurpassed at working with dogs" Cheena Graham

  • Lynne has lived and loved and learned about dogs all her life and has an array of force free training tricks to help you with your canine partner!

    "Lynne has loved and learned about dogs her whole life" Maren Brun

  • Lynne personalized each Novice Dog trick class to each of my dogs' personalities, breed and limitations. Fab instructor. I can hardly wait for the next classes to start and neither can my dogs. What a great bonding experience for all.

    Sherry Shaw

  • Lynne is amazing! She's been taking Sam out for adventures for six years now, since I first adopted him. We also took a tricks class with Lynne and Sam now has quite a repertoire of tricks - my favorite is sneezing on command ......who knew? Sam is so excited to see her and her crew whenever they pull up. When I first got Sam he was young and crazy, and what a delight it was to come home after a long day of work to find a happy exhausted pup. Thanks Lynne!

    Lynne is amazing! Terri Baird

  • Lynne has been wonderful with my picky "Hyper" Piper. I only wish we had been introduced when my dog was a puppy. She speaks dog! I am building a trusting relationship with my dog that makes our time fun together.

    Sondra Lambie

  • My dog has been joining Go Dog Go pack runs for 2 years now, he LOVES them and so do I. He always comes home tired plus it gives him fun socialization time with a variety of dogs. Lynne is gifted at what she does, the dogs all love her very much. Cinch also does training which is excellent, I have taken her trick dog classes which were invaluable for us! Cinch already knows how to play piano, skateboard, open fridge and bring me a drink plus many many more! Her training has helped Cinch and I build a strong relationship (he was an insanely challenging dog) I had many tears with him as a puppy. I will always be grateful for the many things Lynne has taught Cinch and I and her always positive outlook even when I was feeling discouraged about our training progress. I would highly recommend her as would Cinch (if he could talk).

    K. Yourchick