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  • Dog behaviour and dog training solutions: 100% positive methods based on communication, trust, and mutual respect

  • Lynne Fedorick ,CPDT-KA with Fabulous Earl (German Shorthaired Pointer) and Jolene (pointer)

    Dogs do things we don’t like; they jump, they pull us down the street on leash, they bark, they don’t come when called. All of this can be frustrating. Don’t be embarrassed, let’s fix it!

    We're here to help! 

    Your dog can become a polite, friendly companion who is a delight to live with, faster than you think.   We use scientifically proven dog training methods that reinforce good behaviour and make bad dog behaviour disappear fast! 

    How we do it: 

    • Scientifically proven behaviour modification techniques   
    • 100% truly positive, compassionate, kind and humane methods that work fast
    • Effective communication with dogs and dog owners
    • Solid training plans
    • At home- the best environment for you and your dog to begin behaviour changes

    We have been training dogs and finding solutions to all sorts of dog behaviour problems since 1995.  As a CPDT-KA certified dog trainer, we are referred to by veterinarians and clients alike.  We are a member of the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants.  We'll make it easy (and convenient) to have a well behaved canine companion. 






  • Central vancouver island

    Mobile dog training and dog behaviour services: 

    Help with aggressive behaviour, reactive dog training, leash walking, manners, obedience children and dogs, new baby training, and more.  We have been helping 1000's of people and their dogs since 1995.  We can help your dog achieve his amazing potential and your family to find joy.

    Group dog and puppy classes:

    Our dog training classes and super puppy classes are a fun way to learn and work with your puppy or dog in the distracting environment of a classroom.  Before you know it, you'll be smiling, laughing and proud with a very well behaved dog.  Children accompanied with an adult, and other family members are always welcome in our classes.









  • "We can help your dog with any behaviour problem, even when all the other dog trainers have failed."